The Art of Cannabis Meets Science
The Art of Cannabis Meets Science

100% Fresh Frozen

8-Bit Buds Pre-rolls are truly special from the fresh cannabis flower used to the Dab Quality Rosin to the unique infusion science through the hand-finished manufacturing process. We have merged the craft of premium cannabis cultivation and the art of Rosin making, with the science of state-of-the-art infusion technology to create the best Rosin Infused Pre-rolls in the California cannabis marketplace.

Dab-Grade Rosin

We’ve all seen the beautiful photos of cannabis Rosin sold by the single gram. This is exactly the grade of Rosin we use in all of our Pre-rolls. We find it provides an unbeatable flavor to our Pre-rolls that must be experienced to truly understand.

Infusion Distribution

There’s a simple reason why there are not many Rosin infused pre-rolls in the marketplace - infusing the Rosin into the Pre-rolls is really difficult. We have solved this problem through a proprietary technology we invented that allows us to evenly distribute tiny Rosin particles to every cannabis flower particle within the Pre-roll. This provides an unparalleled smoking experience - smooth, even burn, and no runs.

Hand Finished

Combining Rosin and fresh cannabis flower creates unique manufacturing challenges. We solve this by hand finishing each of our Pre-rolls to ensure an even distribution of Rosin throughout the pre-rolls and to ensure premium quality. Although hand finishing takes time, the 8-Bit Buds brand is about quality. We are confident you will experience this quality when purchasing our new Rosin Infused Pre-rolls.